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Vacuum Pump Maintenance
The transformer is one of the main assets in the electrical power industry which needs TRANSFORMER OIL REGENERATION SERVICES, the industry needs to be maintained for guaranteed uninterrupted power transmission in order to get assured revenue benefits. Transformer oils are important for the functional transformers and are the dielectric substance that helps in maintaining their temperature. Transformer oils are vital for the proper running and functioning of the transformers.
Be Organized and Document Everything
Start by generating a checklist of routine maintenance activities. The pump manufacturer typically provides this as part of the operating manual. Second, incorporate a maintenance log documenting all routine maintenance, repairs and component replacement.
The log will play a critical role in diagnosing future problems, scheduling various maintenance activities, and stocking spare parts. Install a running hour meter to document the number of operating hours on the pump between service activities and enter this into the log. If possible, measure and electronically record the vacuum before and after the pump during every operating cycle, as well as the pump-down times and ultimate vacuum level achieved in the furnace. This information is often collected and stored as data points in the furnace’s data acquisition system for process reasons. It can also be useful for planning and scheduling maintenance. Changes in these variables can be programmed into the furnace control system to notify the operator when a maintenance inspection or a specific maintenance activity is necessary.
Mainly there are three types of oil treatment processes:
Purification with Drying Process
Regeneration or Reclamation with Degassing
The Filtering Process involves transformer oil filtering at a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius. The process filters fine contaminated particles with the help of a filtering device.
The Lube Oil Purifier with Drying Process heats the oil to a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and removes acidic polar components from the transformer oil. A process of degassing under vacuum follows.
Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine is similar to the Purification with Drying Process but uses extra oxidant additives. This is the most effective method by which the oil can be regenerated in a cost-effective manner. However, the safety of the environment must be considered before undertaking this process. 

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