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Hey, I wanted to talk about a new method of payment. Lets see Im 16 years old and I havent got credit card or PayPal so I cant buy the license, how about a PaySafeCard payment? You know, PaySafeCard are easy to use and buy and adding this method I could buy a license Big Grin Thanks you so much.
We said more and more times that we don't want to add paysafecard like payment method!

If you are interested you could talk with your friends on game that uses the bot and pay them that will pay us
If you get an error when opening the bot or during the login, check
if you have installed .NET Framework 4.0

If it is installed and the bot crash, uninstall it.

Now download the full version of .NET Framework here:

Thanks for support

The best regards, insider production
Hello friends if I would like them to see if they can put a more economical License . Power Acquire para .. That is already very good THE bots . Sino because that program in my country I sell many ..

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