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Hi guys, today have been banned a lot of accounts, in my team were saved only 2 people Big Grin Pay attention, this bot has still security problems.
me too, I have banned my account
me too XDD
EVERYONE is blocked the offered used at least 1 times ha my 2 were also only just locked!
is not the fault of insider well but is yours! everywhere is written that you can be banned, then the fault is yours that you put your ships 24/24 with the bot
F***ing BP, im personally will try to ***** that shity game
Yeah.. my account is banned, too Big Grin
Dont worry, SeaFight is a shitty game, be happy, this is not the end of the life Wink

You can make an account and start with this until your ban is finished, im sure in 3 months you can build a FULL SHIP without money. Bot strategy Wink

my 3 Accounts are banned to. Now they ban big Accounts ,too. I had one Account in the top10 and the other in the Top 100 and i payed a lot of money Big Grin
So they ban now big account too for three months.

So , see you guys on map in three months Big Grin

And dont worry life is go on Wink
And it is not the fault of iNSIDER he do a good job.
this bot you can not use even just for maps specilali bannano say that because you're using a scrip external

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