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Medical Consumables China
Laryngeal airway is used in general anesthesia, respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. As a ventilating passage between the face mask and the endotracheal tube, generally apply in the management of the respiratory tract during general anesthesia, can keep spontaneous ventilation and continuous positive airway pressure. 
Direction for use:
1.Ensure the package is unbroken and within sterilization period. Unseal the package, taking out the laryngeal mask;
2.Release the air inside the cuff before use. After inserting the laryngeal mask, confirm the position of the tube-tip through chest X-ray examination. Press the head of the inflating tube on the one-way valve and inflate the cuff.
3.After use, press the head of the inflating tube on the one-way valve and deflate the cuff, then remove it; 
1.This product has been sterilized by ethylene oxide, the sterilization period lasts 3 years, don’t use after expired.
2.This product is for single use only, destroy it after use;
3.Don’t use if the package is broken.
4.Store in dry and ventilated place, prevent from indoor area with corrosive gas 
Size Color Code Patient Weight(KG)
1# Pink 0-5
1.5# Blue 5--10
2# Green 10--20
2.5# Orange 20--30
3# Red 30--50
4# Yellow 30--50
5# Purple 70--100 
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1.Please send your company’s general information to us;
2.Please tell us what you would like to buy, and what is the qty;
3.Please share with us as much as possible the detail requirement of the goods you want to buy, especially the packing information, that will help us make a quick quotation for you;
4.Please confirm with us the final price and lead time before we sign contract;
5.After above steps, we will take care everything until you get your goods in time and in quality. 
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