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[Release] SeaBot v.3.1.181
  • Codes updated.
  • Flash Player Crash Issue Fixed.
  • Cooldown added to PVE Boarding
  • Clear Settings Button Implemented.
  • Fixed password saving issue.
  • Now you can delete individually NPC's/Monster's
  • Other small bugfixes.
Premium licenses have been extended by 2 days
Expired licenses have been reset

With this new update we do not use Internet Explorer anymore. The new browser is Chrome.

Due to this implementation, you can get some errors, here you have a small FAQ:

I get a error saying that CefSharp.Core or related dependencies not found:
Please, install Microsoft C++ 2013 Redistributable. Here you have the link:

When i login i see the Flash Player Not Installed Gif:
Please, as we now use Chrome, you have to install Flash Player for Chrome. DOWNLOAD IT FROM GOOGLE CHROME.

Follow these steps:

- Open Google Chrome

- Copy and paste this link in the URL bar:

- Click on "Install now", it will download an installer

- Install it and restart SeaBot

Please, share with us any issue you have related to this update.

If your antivirus does not allow you to open SeaBot, just create a folder wherever you want and add that folder in the exceptions list of your antivirus.

Terms & Conditions
  • Using this Bot you violate the Terms & Conditions of the game, however i'm not responsable if your account get banned.
  • If you buy a Premium license is not guaranteed the correct functioning of this software forever* (chargeback not offered).
  • When you buy a license, it will be activated immediately.
  • Each license is only for 1 pc!

[FIX] Security Certificates error
[FIX] Could not find valid Root Certificate for Fiddler
[HOT] Invalid account

If you want to receive live notifications on SeaBot updates or live support, please join to our Discord channel

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