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[FIX] Could not find valid Root Certificate for Fiddler
If you have problems with certificates when you try to login your ship with SeaBot, first of all you should try this tutorial:

[FIX] Certificate error

If it doesn't solve the problem or you get this error:

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-1.png]

Here there is a solution to reinstall your certificates correctly:

- Download Fiddler 4 and install it.

- Once it is installed, open it and click on Tools -> Options

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-2.png]

- Go to HTTPS tab, click on Actions then Export Root Certificate to Desktop

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-5.png]

Go to your Desktop, you'll find an icon called FiddlerRoot.cer

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-6.png]

Right click on it and click on Install Certificate

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-7.png]

Select Local Machine as Store location and click Next

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-8.png]

Select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-9.png]

Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click OK then click Next

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-10.png]

Click on Finish

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-11.png]

If this window appears, just click Yes

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-12.png]

If everything was good, you'll see this message, otherwise try again from the first step

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-13.png]

Now you can close Fiddler and enjoy SeaBot! ;)
Terms & Conditions
  • Using this Bot you violate the Terms & Conditions of the game, however i'm not responsable if your account get banned.
  • If you buy a Premium license is not guaranteed the correct functioning of this software forever* (chargeback not offered).
  • When you buy a license, it will be activated immediately.
  • Each license is only for 1 pc!

[FIX] Security Certificates error
[FIX] Could not find valid Root Certificate for Fiddler
[HOT] Invalid account

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