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Discussion about ban wave
Hello all,

There is a discussion in the DE3/4 that SF is preparing a ban wave during this month with perm. ban beginning of Feburary.
This should happen when more servers are put together with DE3/4.

Does anyone know something about this ?

Cheers Mic.
I haven't heard about an upcoming ban wave yet but it wouldn't surprise me.
Last year they also had a banwave in february.

Yeah the banwave comes.
And the most wanted server are Global 7 and American Global 3
This PVE server are the most wanted, because a lot of Turkis, use a glitch on payment sistem.
So the banwave didn't happen (yet).
Does anyone have some news on this?
guys , do you think global 5 is safe ? because its same mega server for g3,4,5.. thanks for answear

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