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some questions concerning seabot & accounts
testing phase was ok except some hours off because of update

Is there any longterm experience, someone can tell me? What I like to know, is, I want to use the bot 4-6 hrs max a day. And define some "human look alike" tasks to not get identified as bot user from BP.
Someone got a ban for using it like i described?
How long will BP bot identifying scripts go backwards , since logbook / history shows only 2 weeks?

As far as I understood, 1 seabot license is valid for 1 PC.

Question 1: Can I use it with different SF accounts?

e.g. 3-4 hrs botting with one account, then 3-4 hrs botting with next, different account

Question 2: will there be an lifetime license?

thx 4 serious answers
Since last update , i cant put seabot working ,shows seamap like always but when i press start shows this

says to login first , why this is happen please?
Answer question 1: Yes you can. You can run multiple Seabots at the same time.
Answer question 2: I don't know.
"Damnation seize our souls if we give you quarters, or take any from you."
depuis la mise a jour seabot ne veut pas s ouvrir je n accede meme pas a la page pouvez faire quelque chose?

SeaBot service has been temporarily suspended due to last Unity updates.
Your license has been automatically locked so you won't lose any time.
Thank you
voila ce qu il s affiche que faire??

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