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[Release] SeaBot v.3.1.189 - iNSiDER - 20-02-2020

  • Protocol updated
  • [Beta] Auto-update function added!

SeaBot does not use Internet Explorer anymore. The new browser is Chrome.

Due to this implementation, you can get some errors, here you have a small FAQ:

I get a error saying that CefSharp.Core or related dependencies not found:
[Image: cef-Share-Core-DLL-missing.png]
Please, install Microsoft C++ 2013 Redistributable. Here you have the link:

When i login i see the Flash Player Not Installed Gif:
Please, as we now use Chrome, you have to install Flash Player for Chrome. DOWNLOAD IT FROM GOOGLE CHROME.

Follow these steps:

- Open Google Chrome

- Copy and paste this link in the URL bar:

- Click on "Install now", it will download an installer

- Install it and restart SeaBot

Please, share with us any issue you have related to this update.

If your antivirus does not allow you to open SeaBot, just create a folder wherever you want and add that folder in the exceptions list of your antivirus.