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Full Version: After the repair
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I juste like to know why after the repair, my ship very often go on the corner ? However I put the option "repair in place"  Huh
It could happen when your ship get shooted while it is repairing.
Yet he doesn't get shooter
(09-07-2018, 11:06 PM)NC$ Wrote: [ -> ]Yet he doesn't get shooter

that happens no matter what it will move to a corner but quest is why does it attack something sometimes and not finish?
If the ship is hit when its repairing, it will go to the corner to repair with no npc around. If the ship has go to the corner but got shoot again while repair function is runnig it will go to another corner to finish repair. Once its get repaired it returns to attack.

It's true that is possible to make this action with more performance. I will give a look Wink