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Seabot make some time

Since now 2 days, i don't know why but my seabot is always waiting or lagging between each things like :

Shoot monster ...
waiting 7 seconds ...
Move to next position ...
waiting 3 - 5 seconds ...
Shoot monster again etc..

To be honest, i did only 100 chest keys in 14 hours (something like) in el Dorado so, i hope u coud help to know if it's a bad configuration of seabot or my PC.

Btw, my PC is sufficiently performant (16go Ram, SSD, i7 -8700 etc..) and Network also too 100Mo/s 

Thanks a lot
I have the same problem some times.The bot wait few seconds before move to next position and some times when is ready to shoot one npc stay for some seconds and dont shoot this npc and go in other position

deactivate temporarily the "Auto buy ammunition" checkbox, it is causing the lag.
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