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"names loaded"
Nach dem Login vom Bot ladet er die Seafight Seite nicht und schreibt nur "names loaded"

Kann mir jemand damit helfen?

Lg Michael

After logging in from the bot he does not load the Seafight page and only writes "names loaded"

Can someone help me with that?
[15:15:51] - Cache cleaned.
[15:15:51] - Loading Seafight page...
[15:15:54] - Logging in user: JOu-man[michi]_O4E
[15:15:57] - Succesfully logged in! Session ID: 58bd485afa5a65a6a67fc8702c728440
[15:15:57] - Loading Seafight tunnel...
[15:15:57] - Connecting to:
[15:15:58] - Names loaded!

I have write an answer on private for your problem Smile
If you have a problem, you can join also the discord
Si tu as un problème, tu peux rejoindre aussi le discord
Si tienes un problema, puedes llegar también al discord

I have the same problem.please someone can help us??
(08-09-2018, 06:05 PM)Dabrypax Wrote: I have the same problem.please someone can help us??

Have you tried this: ?
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