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[Closed] invalid account
i have to try bot in other pc.
but it blockes my licance i think.
is each licance for only 1 pc?

please re activate
Hello ! 

Yes license is for 1 PC.
You should take just 2min for check the forum before make a thread.

1 - Go to Support section
2 - Click on [HOT] Reset License

~ Thread Closed.
Bests regards, HkEnsohen.
  1. Please read forum ! Avoid spamming that makes us waste time.
  2. Do not make or edit thread with the tag [iNSiDER].
  3. If you want unlock your thread, pm me with the link + reason.
  4. I check the forum everytime, spam is useless.
  5. Don't post something in a thread that has no relation with the thread tittle.
  6. Please make your thread in English or Italian.

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