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[FIX] Security Certificates error - iNSiDER - 11-03-2017

If you get this error when you click login

[Image: 234aa67ab39941a6a12072ce269f460b.webp]

Open SeaBot, go to "Settings" tab and click on "Reset SSL" (you can find it on the left side of the login button)

[Image: 2-e27943641fb340879cd84600530389d9.png]

Now close SeaBot, deactivate your antivirus if you have one and run SeaBot as Administrator.

[Image: 3-0eba19c9b15d4d16b1f5b4a4f0e6eecf.png]

When SeaBot opens, go to "Settings" tab and click Login.

A window should appear asking you to install new certificates

[Image: Fiddler-reset-cert-12.png]

Just click Yes and SeaBot will start normally.

The problem should be fixed now.